For Your Listening Pleasure!

The man of the hour, Mr. David Fifer.  He speaks too!

Hey folks!  Remember how I said regular posting would resume after Thanksgiving?  That still stands, because this isn’t a regular post.  Instead, I want to bring a resource to your attention.

David Fifer is a paramedic and paramedic educator based in Kentucky.  He’s faculty at the Eastern Kentucky University paramedic program, one of the few bachelor degree-level paramedic programs in the country (note: if you’re considering becoming a paramedic, you really need to consider going through a program that leads to a degree as well as the NRP certification; it’s the way of the future.  I digress for another blog post).  He’s also a practicing paramedic with Powell County, and recently set up a really cool organization called Red STAR, an EMS team that provides care in the Red River Gorge.  Now, there have been lots of mountain SAR teams, but Red STAR is unique in that it is the first EMS agency specifically designed to provide EMS care in a wilderness context.  Very cool stuff,  and you should check them out on their Facebook page.

Mr. Fifer and I have never met in person, but we’ve communicated through social media and once or twice by email.  I mostly know him by his social media presence, and I’ve very much appreciated the passion he brings to EMS and EMS education.  The reason I bring him to your attention today is that he just started a podcast!  I listened to his first episode today as I enjoyed my coffee at the NOLS headquarters in Lander, and for the first time I truly understand Transexamic Acid (TXA).  In my defense, my service didn’t have it, and I’m just now getting involved in a new system that does.

So, if you want some excellent, well-thought out EMS education, head over to The Poco Podcast, and give David some aural love (ew?).  If you’re on twitter, you can follow him by checking out @downtofifer.  David, if you read this, I really want to swing through Kentucky sometime and check out EKU’s program and see what Red STAR is up to!  Also, I pulled your profile picture for this blog post, I figured you wouldn’t mind!


4 thoughts on “For Your Listening Pleasure!

  1. Doug

    Dave’s good people, but I’m not sure where you got the impression that he ‘runs’ the EKU Paramedic Program. That honor belongs to Dr. Bill Young.

    I’m just sayin’….

    1. Fair enough, he let me know as well. I’ve edited the post to reflect the actual situation. In my defense, and speaking with my tongue firmly in cheek, my only exposure to EKU’s program comes through his and their social media presence, which generally mirror each other. It was a 2 + 2 = 5 situation, but it seemed to make sense at the time.

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