“What Would You Do?” Wednesday – Drop Kicked

It’s that time of the week again, where I test your medical imagination.  Last week, we talked about a patient who fell approximately 100 feet while rappelling into a canyon.  This week, we’re going in a different direction.

I was talking on Twitter with Katey (@UnciaKate; thanks for your input!) who mentioned at one point that she was reading the blog after having a recent close call with a horse.  That got me thinking; I haven’t done a horse-related scenario yet.  Now, in the spirit of full disclosure, I’ve never been a horseman.  That would be my brother, who worked at a ranch camp.  I’ve been on a few trail rides, and I’ve worked at camps that had equestrian programs, but I didn’t interact with the horses.  So, don’t ask me to explain what the individuals in this video should or should not have been doing.

While I don’t know horses, I know injuries; that looks like it hurt.  The horse catches the guy in the white shirt in the dead center of his chest.  So, what sorts of injuries would you expect?  How are you going to manage these potential injuries?  What else does this guy  need?  I’ll also say this; searching YouTube for horse-injuries yeilds some videos of horrifying kicks to the head.

Share your thoughts, either here in the comments or on twitter using #wwydwednesday. I’ll share my thoughts in the next couple days.




One thought on ““What Would You Do?” Wednesday – Drop Kicked

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