“What Would You Do?” Wednesday – Blisters for Days

Hey folks, happy Wednesday!  For the first time in a while, I’m actually on time with this weeks “What Would You Do?” Wednesday.  I just spent a couple of days in Silva, North Carolina, home of Landmark Learning.  If you’re not familiar with Landmark Learning, they are educational specialists dedicated to teaching outdoor enthusiasts and professionals important mountain skills, especially NOLS Wilderness Medicine and water rescue.  I went through a medical class with them last year, the Wilderness Upgrade for Medical Professionals (WUMP), and it was excellent.  If you’re a medical professional (EMT, paramedic, nurse, NP, PA, or MD), I cannot recommend it enough.

At any rate, about two-ish weeks ago, I found this question on Twitter:

As a life-long hiker/backpacker, blisters are an affliction near and dear to my heart, and I view myself as an apostle of the blister prevention gospel.  So, I replied:

VEnqBQyJ_400x400A whole three of you responded (thanks for that, although I have to admit this blog has gotten much more traffic than I expected, and I mean that sincerely; I expected to mostly be read by my mom, as I’m still her little boy).  In clicking a little bit further, I found that @outdoormed is the twitter handle of the Dutch Expedition and Wilderness Medical Society.  Well, hello from the tiny town of Broadway, Virginia USA!  I think its fantastic how shared interest in medicine and the outdoors can cross international lines!

Despite, I thought, answering the question fairly well, there is only so much you can say in 140 characters.  I’ve been meaning to expand on my tweet with a post, but have been busy.  So, this week we’re going to multi-task.  Take a look at the following video.  It isn’t very long.  This ultra-runner has a dilemma involving his feet.

So, what do you notice?  How will you treat his immediate medical issue?  And what type of advice would you give him to help fix this problem in the future?  Write your answers in the comments or on Twitter using the tag #wwydwednesday, and I’ll share my thoughts in a couple of days.


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