What Would You Do? Wednesday – Getting’ High!

Hey everyone, happy Wednesday!  Since its Wednesday, that means its time for another “What Would You Do?” Wednesday, where I share a video, and you talk to me about how you would manage the patient that it shows.

Last week we spent some time talking about hypothermia, which generated some lively discussion on Twitter; if you don’t follow the blog’s twitter account, you can!  Simply follow @TheMtnMedic for a running, stream-of-consciousness look at what I’m thinking. If you haven’t had a chance to watch that video and consider your response to cold, wet patients, take some time and watch the video!

This week we’re going to (literally) go in a different direction, and head for Mt. Everest.  The title of the video and the subtitles sort of give what is happening away, but it’s a good chance for those of us who never make it to altitude to see some effects of altitude in real-time.

So, what’s going on with this guy?  What is your treatment/management plan?  You can respond here, or you can respond on Twitter, using the tag #wwydwednesday.  I’ll share my thoughts this coming Friday or Saturday.

One thing that has been neat for me is seeing the different levels of provider, from WFR/WEMT through Paramedic up to MD all chime in with their respective treatment plans.  I typically write with the WFR/WEMT in mind; that said, I think it’s really valuable for those of us who aren’t doctors to hear what the higher levels of medical practitioners think when they look at the same patients.  Thank you to everyone that has contributed ideas and opinions!  You guys are awesome!


One thought on “What Would You Do? Wednesday – Getting’ High!

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