“What Would You Do?” Wednesday-Really Cold and Wet!

Happy Wednesday!  It’s that time of the week again, where I give you a scenario video to watch, and you respond with your thoughts and treatment plans.  We’ve been doing this for the past several weeks, and have seen the aftermath of climbing accidents and skiing accidents, as well as an ATV incident.

Today, I’m going in a slightly different direction with my video.  I’ve been focusing mostly on trauma, but I’m going to take us in a more medical direction.  This week’s video is from a YouTuber who goes by the handle of “Scree Hiker.”  It’s a video from a spring backpacking trip in the Catskills.  I want you to especially pay attention starting around minute 5:00.

As you watch this video, I want you to watch it from the perspective of how you would respond to this situation if you were the SAR or EMS team that was called out for them.  Tell me what you think, either in the comments or on Twitter using the tag #wwydwednesday.  In a few days I’ll share my thoughts!


One thought on ““What Would You Do?” Wednesday-Really Cold and Wet!

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