Airway Management is the Bomb Diggety

“Bomb diggety” means super important as well as awesome.  That’s how excited I am about airway management.  I’m pulling a cop-out this week; work has been very busy, and I’ve been working hard to buy a vehicle.  Basically, I’m swamped.  So, rather than get too deep into airway management today, I’m going to post a video for you to watch, and then we’ll talk through the anatomy, science, and techniques later this week.

Sounds good?  Cool!  This video is from a military perspective; combat/tactical medicine is pretty much a sibling to wilderness medicine.  These are the two basic airway opening maneuvers.  You should be experts on these.

More information and details to come.  Also, remember that tomorrow is “What Would You Do? Wednesday,” and there will be a scenario posted for you around 10:00AM eastern time.


One thought on “Airway Management is the Bomb Diggety

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