“What Would You Do?” Wednesday-Climbing Injury

Welcome to the inaugural “What Would You Do?” Wednesday, where I give you a scenario or a situation, and you talk back to me about how you’d handle the situation.

It used to be that I’d have to spend a great deal of time coming up with scenarios.  Now, through the magic of the internet, YouTube provides me with great video scenarios with minimal effort on my part!  So, watch the following video:

This is a fairly impressive rescue carried out by two Parks Canada rangers in Banff National Park.  If you have difficulty understanding the radio chatter at the beginning, the basic scenario is that the patient was struck on the head by rockfall, and subsequently took a 60 foot fall, and had loss of consciousness (LOC) for around 3-5 minutes.  He’s complaining of altered mental status (they report him as AO x 1, so about GCS 14), lacerations to the head with a broken climbing helmet, and a left ankle injury.  Be sure you take a close look at his helmet (right around 1:39).

So, tell me what you think!  Keep it positive and educational!  Use the comments, and in a day or so I’ll tell you what I think.


One thought on ““What Would You Do?” Wednesday-Climbing Injury

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